Microsoft Zune HD May Give Apple a Run for its Money

Microsoft’s recently released Zune HD mp3 player may just give Apple’s highly successful line of players a run for their money. It offers a very rich feature set and touts solid all-round performance. The incredibly thin 3.3″ OLED display is truly breathtaking with true, deep blacks and the battery life is supposed to reach up to 30 hours which is nothing to snuff at. Other notable features include HD radio, which allows you to tune into local digital radio streams and the ability to share songs with other Zune users over the internet. Oh, and speaking of which, the Zune’s multi-touch display will also serve as a portal to the world-wide web because this device supports WiFi. Granted the browser is some cut-down version of Internet Explorer, but hey, it’s got a browser. Oh yeah, and did I mention the Zune will be supporting Apps, too?

Microsoft Zune HD in Black

You can find a review of this little guy over at Engadget. Overall reception seems to have been pretty positive and it definitely has Apple on the defensive for once as they lowered the prices on their competing iPod Touch device just a week before the launch of the Zune HD which retails for $219 for the 16GB model and $289 for the 32GB model. This will be killing off all prior models of the Zune, though in all fairness I can’t say that I’m really saddened by that at all.

Finally, the device will unfortunately only be made available in the US for the time being and Microsoft currently has no plans to sell it internationally as of yet. I for one hope that this can successfully unseat at least a little of the market that Apple holds. It’s time for something fresh, new and iTunes-less if you ask me!

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