Zune HD Sales High

Microsoft’s new Zune HD sales seemed to be on track over the weekend and very high in fact according to Electronista. The Zune, which was launched Tuesday of last week is Microsoft’s latest attempt at digging into Apple’s market share.

Zune HD The 32GB model of the portable devices is backordered at Amazon for 1-3 weeks and the 16GB version seems to be close behind its bigger brother in that regard.

It also seems that Best Buy is sold out of both models and you’ll have no luck finding the 16GB unit at Fry’s.

That said, you’ll have no problem finding the Zune HD stocked at the Microsoft Store.

Unfortunately, you can’t find these things outside the USA and Microsoft currently has no plans to sell it internationally, yet.

If you want a little bit more information on Microsoft’s latest mp3 player, check out my earlier post about it where I mentioned that the Zune may very well give Apple a run for its money. Like you, I’m still excited about seeing some competition being brought to Apple; quite honestly it’s about time!

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