Wiimote Touch Screen Built into Desk

Last weekend I spent a little time working on a project I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile: adding touch functionality to the screen that I built into my desk about a year ago. While it’s cool enough to have a “desk screen” I figured it would be even cooler and more useful to use it without needing a mouse. The clear solution was to integrate touch functionality via an IR pen and Wiimote in order to create a rich tablet-like experience. The end result is a very cheap and elegant solution which tracks incredibly well. This is just a preliminary setup using LEDs that are not of the most sensitive wavelength to the Wiimote. What’s more, the LEDs aren’t powerful enough and so I had to point it directly at the Wiimote sensor rather than down towards the display thus leaving a lot of room for improvement.

I’ve ordered some new LEDs from Europe off Ebay which should do the trick and as soon as they get here I’ll get right into building what will be the final product. Once that’s done, I’ll definitely write a how-to guide so that you can do the same thing if you want as well. In the meantime, here’s a short video of the result of the prototype:

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