Seemingly Magical Seamless Computing from nsquared

nsquared Seamless Computing Microsoft SurfaceIt seems that technology is breaking down the boundaries of what is science-fiction and what is real yet again. A company called nsquared Solutions has put together a series of Microsoft technologies that put some Star Trek tech to shame.

Largely, this seamless computing consists of completely wireless communication between devices such as a Windows 7 mobile phone, the Microsoft Surface, a Windows 7 tablet and Kinect. The large breakthrough is how these devices seamlessly interact with each other and complement each other. Gone are the days of the antiquated progress bar.

[youtube_video id=”oALIuVb0NJ4″]

In the following demonstration, Dr. Neil Roodyn receives an email on his phone and then reads the data from the Surface. He then pulls up architectural plans, overlays a different view on the tablet and then navigates the 3D model of the house using a TV powered by Kinect. The computer, called “Bill” in this video responds to voice commands and helps him along in his architectural madness while he scans in 2D pictures he just took into 3D objects that get thrown into the mode.

This technology all comes together almost magically. Now if only things technology was this seamless to use everyday!