NHL Draft 2009

I’m heading back down to Montreal from Ottawa in a couple of hours for the 2009 NHL draft at the Bell Center. Now I’m not really into hockey, but I’m staying with my aunt, uncle and cousins and they so are! In fact, we are hoping that my cousin will be heading off to be a first round pick in the 2010 draft so I will dutifully attend. In all fairness, it’s kind of cool to have a connection to some sporting event. Being somebody who has always been so into technology, I don’t generally have much contact with sporty people as you might expect and it does make for a nice change.

NHL Logo
NHL Logo


Now I actually went with them to the 2008 draft at Scotiabank place in Ottawa which was pretty interesting. I’d have to check, but I think that they get the tickets through my cousin’s agent. I guess I’m truly showing how little I really follow this stuff. But hey, at least I know that the Penguins beat Detroit this year in the playoffs – and I actually saw that game! In any case, hopefully I get some real news to you guys eventually. Peace out!

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