Canadian Broadband Wiki Launched!

If anybody was wondering why there have been so few updates as of late, it’s because I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new website that I’m launching today called InternetWiki. The focus of the site is mainly to to provide a resource that people can use to become informed on the debate surrounding Canadian broadband networks and net neutrality. It’s taken some time to learn MediaWiki and get everything set-up and running correctly, but the site is finally ready for public consumption.

I am absolutely looking for contributors to the new site and the goal is for it to be mostly community-driven so if anybody feels that they want to add something to the site, then certainly feel free to do so; no registration is required to edit existing pages.

Perhaps of interest to the more technically-minded of you, the new website is hosted on my home server and is fully accessible over IPv6 which is a first. It also leaves among only a small handful of sites worldwide which have succeeded in providing reliable IPv6 access to date.

Finally, the official URL of the page is

InternetWiki Logo

The official mission statement of the site is as follows: was created as a reference manual to be used by the general public, enthusiasts and industry experts alike to help them better understand technical terms, legislation and other issues surrounding Canadian telecommunication infrastructure and net neutrality. This page is not intended to be a place to attack individuals, organizations, companies or government; it is instead intended to present a neutral point of view on all topics covered.

It has traditionally been a near impossibility to find purely objective information on such topics and so it is’s hope that this will become the largest repository of objective information covering such topics through community support and free, open exchange of information.

While intended to provide a specific focus on Canada, will certainly not discourage the creation of topics which relate to telecommunications infrastructure from abroad.

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