I don’t want to live to work.

Well, the system is designed in a way that you do.

That prevents you from pursuing hobbies.

It keeps you from creating your own company.

It keeps you from becoming active in politics.

It keeps you from improving your life.

It keeps you from meeting with people with shared interests and forming revolutionary groups with them.

It keeps you at an easily located place at specific times and makes surveillance and manipulation easier.

It keeps you from having enough downtime to think how exploited you really are.

It keeps you from questioning the system if you are part of it and everyone around you is sharing the experience.

It keeps you from demanding a new normal where the rich don’t get richer and the poor and middle class gain power.

It keeps you tired, drained, exhausted, easy to manipulate.

It keeps you happy about getting minor concessions and goodies “Holy shit, I got a $50 promotion and can now go home one hour early every friday! THIS IS AMAZING!”

It prevents you from upsetting the status quo in any way. It is all designed to keep people complacent and enable easy population control.

And the best part? It’s self-designing and self-reinforcing. You don’t need an evil conspiracy for it. You just need for rich people do act in their own best interest and the rest of the uneducated masses not questioning it. No evil bad guy necessary (although there are more than enough of those, too). It is an automatic process. And that’s what makes it so hard to fight.


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