House Returns Tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I”m incredibly excited about House returning tomorrow on Fox in all its glory with a 2 hour premiere! As you may or may not have noticed, the show’s time slot has moved from its old time on Tuesday (that us fans affectionately called Hughsday) back to Monday at 8/7 central. All that to say don’t forget to set your DVRs and to tune in at the right time. In all honestly, that’s more than fine with me because it just means I get to watch House a day earlier!

House Returns

For anyone who doesn’t remember where we left off, Chase and Cameron finally just got married, but more importantly House was left in the loony bin for having hallucinations of Wilson’s dead girlfriend and Cutner. There was also the whole story of how House thought he’d come clean with Cuddy’s help, then it turned out his mind was making up the whole thing on him. Oh yeah, and he slept with Cuddy in his mind too, which was kind of a buzzkill. In all fairness, we want some real “Huddy” action, none of this made up stuff!

So there we have it. Don’t forget to tune into House tomorrow, and enjoy!

Here’s the official FOX page for House

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