Google: I am Extremely Terrified of…

While this may not be and definitely isn’t news at all, it’s still pretty funny. Google can do a lot of nifty things like search, email, news, calculations, advertising, analytics and is even entering the phone and OS space with a bang. But despite all the great things that come out of the Google empire, it is still prone to some strange behaviors and mistakes. One such example is the suggestions you get when you start typing the seemingly innocuous string “i am extremely” into the search bar. Here is what Google will suggest:

Google: I am Extremely Terrified of...
Wow Google, you’ve got some strange phobias there!

Another fun Google trick is fooling it into being unable to do simple arithmetic. As some of you may know, Google got its name from the number called “googol” which represents 1 followed by 100 zeros. Interestingly, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, intended to call their search engine “googol” but accidentally misspelled the number when they registered the company name.

So why this little story? Well one such example of Google being unable to do simple arithmetic is quite ironic: 1 googol -1 – 1 googol. Now of course most anybody who is reasonably good at arithmetic could tell you that should equal “-1” but Google wrongly calculates that out to be equal to 0. For anybody interested in why, you can check out this CNET article.

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