Funny Tech Support Problems

I made a trip down to the local IT support desk at my school so that I could get myself a login for the wireless network. The first question was “do I have my student ID card”, which I didn’t have on hand. The woman’s eyes glazed over and she assumed that this was going to be another case of pulling teeth with a stupid user fraught with aggravation. Thankfully I had my “official” schedule on me and it wasn’t a problem and in the end we chatted a little about how crazy tech support can be. Here is one of many such examples that came up:

– Hi, I want to log into the wireless but I don’t know my password
– Okay, go over to that computer and type in a password 8 characters long or more please.
– I’ve just entered my password and it didn’t take it! What’s wrong with your stupid system?
– Was your password at least 8 characters long?
– No, it was just four letters…

Apparently that’s a really common issue tech support at my school runs into – students are unable to count all the way up to eight… There are certainly much worse and much funnier cases of incredulous support calls where the lines of communication between the angry customer and the CSR are burned to the ground. Here are a couple of hilarious examples of just such cases from around the web:

[youtube_video id=”UTAQjQRh3lY”]

[youtube_video id=”8i_XcXJkk2o”]

Tech Support Demotivational

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