Dell Control Point Overview

For whatever reason, I get asked about Dell ControlPoint (DCP) quite a bit by people looking at newer Dell notebooks like the Latitude E5400 and E6400, the former of which I did a review of a little over a month ago. I didn’t elaborate on the feature set it provides and what it really does. Here I’ll be doing a much more in-depth review of the software and the functionality it provides. So without further ado, DCP.

Dell ControlPoint
Main Dell ControlPoint Screen

The first order of business is to make it clear which packages have been tested here since software is of course subject to quite a bit of change over time. The packages installed were as follows:

ControlPoint Software Downloads

Now as mentioned, these packages are all pretty big: below you’ll find descriptions and as-reviewed sizes

ControlPoint System Manager (14.8 MB): Provides power-saving features which shut down system devices on battery power and monitors system basic system parameters like display brightness, power, volume, etc.

ControlPoint Security Manager (188 MB): Allows you to manage security settings related to a TPM chip in your hard drive and biometric fingerprint readers.

ControlPoint Connection Manager (578 MB): Monitors and manages network connections from all wireless and wired devices. It can also be used as a basic tool to mange VPN connections.

ControlPoint Security Manager (driver) (69.7 MB): Driver module which allows ControlPoint System Manager to communicate with hardware devices.

That really covers the basics of DCP. For those who want a more in-depth look at all the features and functionality it provides then check out my full video review of the software below:

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