Blocking Ads in Internet Explorer 10

internet-explorer-10-logoInternet Explorer 10 has just been launched and even though it looks visually almost identical to its immediate predecessor IE9, there have been more changes “under the hood” than any other IE update in recent memory.

This version is faster, follows standards much better and dare I say actually usable. One major feature that many may miss when using IE as opposed to either Chrome or Firefox may be the ability to easily block ads with browser extensions such as AdBlock Plus.

The good news is that Microsoft has now integrated “Tracking Protection Lists” (TPLs) straight into the browser. In effect, this allows you to add block lists straight into IE. This functionality can be used in effectively the same way as AdBlock Plus in other browsers.

Blocking Ads with a TPL

To block Ads using the TPL feature of IE10 is very simple. Just visit this page: and add the relevant list to your browser. The list you’ll want to select here is “EasyList Standard” which is exactly the same list that AdBlock Plus uses. Once you click on “Add” next to that list, you will be presented with the following dialog:


Here, click on “Add List” and it will immediately become active.

Disabling the TPL

If you ever want to disable or remove the list, use the following procedure:Editing TPL in IE10

  1. Click on the gear icon in the browser
  2. Hover over Safety
  3. Click on “Tracking Protection…
  4. Left click on the list you want to edit
  5. Click on either Remove or Disable


That’s pretty much all there is to it! Hopefully Tracking Protection Lists will help make your experience in IE10 a little bit better. What do you think of IE10 so far? Don’t hesitate to leave comments below and let us know!

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