My Official Response to the Apple iPad

Well, the iPad has been upon us for a week now and most of you have had time to mull over what it means for the tech industry. I actually wrote a little opinion piece last week about how ridiculous speculating about the iPad was. After having watched the entire press event live, as it turns out, the iPad is quite a bit different from what many people expected. For starters, nobody really speculated that Apple would come up with a name that would be the butt of jokes about female hygiene. Then there is the blatant lack of even simple things we take for granted on netbooks and computers today; simple things like flash and multitasking.

Now in fact I’m not really very funny, so rather than even trying to sum up the things the iPad lacks in writing, I’ll simply consult Hitler himself:

[youtube_video id=”9_EcybyLJS8&hl”]

Now of course the iPad will be a smash hit. It’s coming in at a $499 price point of the 16GB non-3G model. But more importantly it has the backing of the App Store, iTunes and a new eBook store Apple will be launching. Apple’s biggest advantage in this game comes down to their strengths in content distribution. The iPad will be a device that people will use to consume content, nothing more. And for the consumer space, that’s exactly what’s needed.

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