Apple Censors the Dictionary!

Apple iPhoneWhat? Yeah, Apple has decided to help protect its users by taking 2 months to finally approve the Ninjawords dictionary App for its popular iPhone and iTouch platform. As it turns out, the only way that the developer could get his great app approved was if he removed words which Apple deemed offensive.

Now I can understand people being offended by things like baby shakers and porn, but trying to censor a dictionary? Come on, I can’t think of even one person who might find any dictionary even remotely offensive.

Then again, hearing stories like this are hardly surprising: it has always been part of Apple’s corporate culture to be incredibly cryptic in their procedures and the company has traditionally been far from shy to do things exactly how it wants. At this point though, with so many major debacles with AT&T, lock-in and senseless app refusals, I’m starting to think that maybe users and developers alike should start pursuing other, more open alternatives like the Pre or Android. Sure, the developer ecosystem isn’t in place yet and the neither of those platforms is even close to as big as Apple’s, but imagine how liberating and less stressful it would be for developers if they didn’t have to go through an inane approval process to make a living.

Apple is really going to have to do something about this because it started out being laughable and it’s finally worked its way up to just plain ridiculous. Rather than protecting the user base, it’s purposefully restricting what they can do. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

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