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cmoullas.net was officially launched on April 10th 2009 by Corey Moullas (that’s me!). I had long wanted a somewhere I could put all the things I learn on a daily basis. Having a website seemed like a perfect fit to start pumping all that information right out of my head – after all why not make everything I know searchable and freely available to everyone?

The goals of this page are and always will be to have a place for free thought and ideas. I don’t know how it will evolve over time or how big it will get, but that’s one thing that will never change. There will unquestionably be personal posts here and there but it is and always will be a passion for technology that defines cmoullas.net.

The site is hosted on my own server at home in my closet in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and will stay there for as long as possible. For the more curious among you, here is a little info on the server setup.

About the author

I was born in 1989 in Canada and have pretty much always loved technology.  I work mostly with Microsoft technologies, though I’m more of a hardware guy than anything else. I moved to Paris in 2004 and returned to Canada 3 years later. Just about everything that I know is self-taught like so many others in the IT field and I hope to never lose touch with my more hands-on do-it-yourself side.

With my accumulated knowledge I maintained the Paris Model United Nations website while in high school in France. A year later, I spearheaded a highly successful initiative to create a fully student-run IT helpdesk. Since returning to Canada I’ve consulted with small businesses and helped them get solid no-hassle server setups in place. I’m currently working as a market analyst for the Branham Group which specializes in the Canadian ICT sector.

I’m Social!

You can find me online just about all the time, so get in touch!

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