Top 10 Reasons File Sharing is Here to Stay

No RIAAThe open and often illegal exchange of music, movies, software, books and other content and information is something of great debate among content holders, home users and governments alike. Considered plain wrong by some, gray area by others and even advocated fought for by the rest, there is a lot to discuss morally. One thing that you can be sure of, though, is that it is here to stay whether it’s “right” or not. Here’s why:

  1. Mob mentality: if everyone is doing it, it must be okay, right? Most of us have probably seen those ads from the RIAA and other organizations which try to make us feel like criminals. See how well that’s worked even though it’s technically true?
  2. It’s hard to feel bad for people lining their pockets with your own money. What’s that? We are hurting the artists? Seen an episode of cribs lately?
  3. We probably all hate the RIAA by now. They sue children, dead people and your mom and are ready to ruin your life for downloading a song all the while taking massive chunks of change from the artists for themselves. I’ll download more just to spite them alone.
  4. Governments and politicians are very… Alarmed. Or not. Sure, some countries have cracked down on sharing more than others. The fact of the matter is, though, that fighting for big industry and against your own population won’t make you particularly popular.
  5. Music is a social thing, and we just love to collect and share it with people. Checking out the songs somebody else has on their mp3 player is fun to do and can be a common point of interest. “Oh, I love this song, can I have it?” “No, sorry, I don’t’ want to hurt the artist!” Sure…
  6. We have whetted our appetites for free and open exchange of content, information and data on the internet and curbing the habit will be all but impossible at this point. Think about it, what would it take to completely stop you?
  7. The stolen content is better than the legit stuff often times. Sure, DRM protection is slowly going the way of the dinosaur, but you know that if you are getting the file for free from a good site or service, it’s going to be a high quality rip and can be shared over and over – worry-free.
  8. The dark side has lots of really smart people. It really is a case of punch, counterpunch. Somebody is paid to figure out how to throttle torrents, then torrent encryption is created. Then we see deep packet inspection, now we have VPN.
  9. Technology evolves to make things easier, not harder. You can’t undo what work has been done by tools which largely have very legitimate uses. Now that they are out there, they are here to stay.
  10. It would take truly radical policies to stop this worldwide phenomenon. Strict prosecution and the threat of being sued, cut off from your internet access by the state or other such measures would need to be taken. France has tried and, more recently, failed.

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